Cadence Mallet
If you’re looking to hammer out some killer bass lines, Cadence’s latest woofer may hit the spot.
by Brian Smith
The Mallet is a 12-inch woofer that was delivered for testing in a sealed enclosure of about 1.2 cubic feet. Features include a bumped and vented back plate, a stamped basket, and a paper cone with a foam surround. The cone is a conventional shape with a large dust-cap that gives the woofer the appearance of a flat piston design.

Demographically speaking, it’s going to be hard to go wrong in car audio with a name like ‘The Mallet’ — the name conjures up all the right verbs. If the sub also manages to hit, pound, thump, crush etc., that’s even better.

The Mallet seems to fit the bill from this perspective. It’s a bit too thick in the 40 to 80 Hz range for my tastes, but I only boom part-time. If you live for gut-shaking, bass intensive music, a little extra meat in this octave is exactly what you’re after. This sub pounds out rap and boom tracks like a madman. The Mallet also fared quite well during our pipe organ torture test. It probably won’t break any records for output at 18 Hz, but it did manage to reproduce the big pipe at reasonably high levels without a lot of distortion. In fact, nothing in our CD collection seemed capable of pushing this woofer out of shape as long as power levels remained at the saner end of the spectrum.

If you’re considering a new bass pump, check this one out — The Mallet may be just what you’re looking for.

Impedance measurements for this unit show a maximum of 47 ohms at 44 Hz and a minimum of 3.5 ohms at 76 Hz. Average impedance measured 8 ohms. Out-of-car measurements show a smooth rise in response of about 4 dB below 100 Hz, followed by a 12 dB-per-octave roll off below system resonance. In our test vehicle, this system shows a 1-watt sensitivity that averages 98.2 dB between 20 Hz and 50 Hz, and a maximum SPL of 123.3 dB at 46 Hz. In-car measurements also show smooth, extended response with a slight lump around 45 Hz. The top trace on the in-car graph was taken at 300 watts and shows about 5 dB of power compression.
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