Kicker Impulse I12
Hard-hitting subbass is the hallmark of Kicker's latest sub offering, the Kicker Impulse I12.
by Brian Smith
The Kicker Impulse I12 is a 12-inch sub delivered for testing in a sealed enclosure of about 1.5 cubic feet. (Kicker reports that this is the higher end of the recommended enclosure volume of 1.0-1.5 cubic feet). Features include an injection-molded cone with Kicker's Inverted Structural Dome stitched to a foam surround, a stamped basket, and a bumped and vented pole piece.

If there's one thing that you can expect from Kicker subs in sealed boxes, it's strong subbass. Transients are a little soft and, like all speakers, it does have excursion limits, but it seems the most at home toward the bottom of the audio spectrum. This one may not be the best choice for a jazz fan, but it sure speaks to the cheeks on boom tracks and pipe organ passages.

The impedance curve for this unit shows a maximum of 20 ohms at 47 Hz and a minimum of 5 ohms at 97 Hz. Average impedance measured 9.6 ohms. Out-of-car measurements show a slight rise in response below 100 Hz, followed by a smooth roll-off below system resonance. In-car measurements show a 1-watt sensitivity of 99 dB at 10 Hz and smooth overall response. The Kicker Impulse I12 produced an SPL of 119 dB at 36 Hz on the 300 watt sweep, but also exhibited about 6 dB of power compression.
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