Lanzar OptiDrive 100.4
Lanzar takes aim at the competition world with its latest four-channel powerhouse.
Lanzar OptiDrive
100.4 Specs

Price & Contact: $649; 800-765-7686;
All measurements @ 14 volts unless otherwise specified.
Frequency Response (4-ohm IHF Load, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 1 kHz Ref.):
+.19 dB, -.26 dB
L/R channel error max deviation 20 Hz to 20 kHz:
.1 dB
Phase Response (4-ohm IHF Load, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 1 kHz Ref.):
+62 degrees, -16 degrees
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Below Rated Output, “A” weighted):
-111 dB
Distortion at Rated Output @ 1 kHz:
.12% @ 180 watts x 2
Output Power (resistive) minimum output (20 Hz to 20 kHz @ 1%THD+N, all channels driven into 4 ohms):
70 watts x 4 @ 14 volts; 68 watts x 4 @ 12.8 volts; 43 watts x4 @ 10.5 volts
Output Power (resistive) minimum output (20 Hz to 20 kHz @ 1%THD+N, all channels driven into 2 ohms):
100 watts x4 @ 14 volts; 90 watts x 4 @ 12.8 volts; 62 watts x 4 @ 10.5 volts
Output Power (4-ohm IHF Reactive Load @ 1% THD+N @ 60 Hz):
253 watts x 2
Crosstalk (Referenced to Rated Output, 20 Hz to 20 kHz): -54.3 dB
Damping Factor @ 100 Hz, 2 ohms:
Voltage for Rated Output:
137 mV to 6.7 volts
Idle Current Draw:
.7 amps
Current Draw @ 1/3 Maximum Power: 32.7 amps @ 72 watts x 2
Efficiency @ 1/3 Maximum Power: 31.50%
Power-Up Noise:
4.4 dB SPL
Power-Down Noise: 4.5 dB SPL

by Brian Smith
The OptiDrive 100.4 is a four-channel amp rated at 50 watts x 4 or 180 watts x 2 into 4 ohms. Features include gold-plated connections, internal crossovers with variable cutoff frequency, and selectable post crossover line outputs. The amp’s beefy brushed anodized aluminum heatsink features tasteful black and gold accents.

It looks like Lanzar’s making a run at the hardcore competition scene. They seem to have been around forever, but their most recent offerings have been aimed more toward the consumer end of the market. This new batch of Opti-Drive amplifiers will help Lanzar make its mark on the
competition scene — and it looks like they’ll be doing it with power, grace, and style to boot.

The 100.4 has more than a few specs to brag about from a competition standpoint. Signal-to-noise measured an impressive –111 dB and turn on/off noises are in the 4.5 dB SPL range. The 100.4 also offers a wide range of input sensitivity, and power ratings are quite conservative with a bonus of about 30 percent when driving 4-ohm loads. Overall, this unit is quite impressive; we won’t be surprised to find a few of these in the competition lanes when next season really gets rolling.

Connections & Adjustments
Connections to the 100.4 include RCA inputs, RCA line level outputs, and captive-style screw terminal blocks for all power and speaker connections. The power and ground connections accept up to #4 AWG and the speaker terminals will comfortably handle #12 AWG. All adjustments to the 100.4 control a pair of channels and include input sensitivity, line output configuration, crossover mode select, and separate cutoff frequency adjustments for the high- and low-pass sections.

Installing the 100.4 shouldn’t be a major hassle — it’s probably small enough for under-seat mounting in larger cars, and we didn’t notice any potential grounding problems. The amp’s front end provides a fair amount of processing ability and seems to have been designed with the idea of multi-amp systems in mind. The manual included with this unit covers
the five amps inthe OptiDrive line-up, but does so reasonably well.It includes large, easy-to-read wiring diagrams for nine potential system configurations, installation and operation instructions, and a modest troubleshooting guide.